Bonneville Requirements

Bonneville High's Facilitator is Mrs. Bennett. See her first.

  1. Come see Mrs. Bennett to talk about whether an internship is right for you!
  2. See your counselor to make sure an internship fits into your schedule. Here, you will be given a “To-Do” list.
  3. One item on your “To-Do” list will be to complete a mandatory packet that accompanies the Internship called the Workplace Skills (WS) online class. This MUST be completed before your internship begins. Failure to complete the WS class will result in removal from the internship program.


It is up to you to solidify your internship with a business, so start the work early to find a business mentor! Network with your neighbors, family, friends, or reach out to a local business that aligns with your career interest to see if they would consider taking an intern.

Once you have identified a potential business mentor, check with Mrs. Bennett to make sure the business partnership is approved.

You will need to find out who your direct mentor will be. Provide Mrs. Bennett with the mentor’s name, address, phone number and email address. Touch base with your mentor to see if they would prefer you intern in the morning or afternoon.

For internships that start 1st quarter, you will be invited to meet with your counselor on a scheduled day in the summer to put the internship into your schedule. For those interning 2nd semester, you will work with your counselor prior to the start of 3rd quarter.

Questions? Call Alyssa Bennett at or email her at almorgan1This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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