Each student who is striving to become an intern must follow the steps found in their school's requirements.  Basic requirements are that a student must be in good standing, online to graduate, have a good GPA, and have less than .75 attendance credit loss. 

A student can also find what is expected of them as an intern to receive a good grade under 'Assignment Introduction.'

Each Intern is required to do three assignments while in the program. They should be fairly easy and are best if completed as soon as possible. Each of these assigments determines if the student will receive an A in the class.

1st Binder: The first assignment is the binder. The binder is supplied by the facilitators at the binder orientation before the first day of internship. It consists of a training agreement with your information and the mentor's information. There is also a journal that must be filled out daily with one or two sentences of what your day of internship consisted of, a time log to verify your hours spent at the internship, and a few signatures. Possibly the biggest part of the binder is the reflection sheet. Here, the intern writes about their time with their mentor and business, what they learned, and express graditude. These are sent back to the mentor; mentors absolutely love to recieve these to see that they are making a difference in the student's life.

Action Photo: The second assignment is the action photo. The student is required to send in a picture of them at their internship participating in one of their jobs. This is usually due by first quarter.

2nd Binder: The final assignment is just an extension of the 1st binder turn in. The intern will finish out the journal entries and time log and complete a second reflection sheet, as described above.

Completing these easy assignments, having a good attitude, and showing up will guarantee the student an A in the class.

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