WhiteClouds Shipping and Receiving

Found in Ogden at 766 Depot Dr. #8

Mentor: Wayne Ropelato (Founder) or Jamie Plavchak

Internship Description:

WhiteClouds 3D printing in Ogden is currently looking for an intern to assist in their shipping and receiving department. This internship would allow the intern to see the interworkings of a business and how they operate. The intern would be able to assist in the following areas:

  • Shipping and receiving of product
  • Packaging Product
  • Inventory
  • Quality control of ougoing product
  • Project management

There are also other projects that may be completed during the time at this business. WhiteClouds would like to offer their intern a full experience of a 3D printing company from A to Z. 

Talk to your facilitator if you are interested.

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